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Hoffman Process

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The Hoffman Process is designed to bring about positive, permanent shifts in the quality of your life — in just seven days.

One meticulously crafted process tailored to meet the needs of many. Personalized to the individual through a thoughtful enrollment plan. An open door to a multitude of possibilities.

The Process is a structured program, founded by Robert Hoffman in 1967. A variety of methods are used to bring the essentials of your being — intellectual, emotional, spiritual, and physical — to balance. You will experience shifts and growth on all levels — or what the Hoffman Process calls your ' Quadrinity '.

Through our proprietary methodology, participants learn how to transform existing beliefs, perceptions, and emotional patterns that are limiting their lives. The Hoffman Process helps remove the barriers that are holding you back from being the best version of yourself.

Is the Process for me?

Process participants come from all income groups, professions, cultures and spiritual beliefs. They range in age from 18 to well into their 80s. Despite varied backgrounds, those who come to the Process have in common a belief that life has more positivity and happiness waiting for them and a deep desire to shift their lives.

Therefore, because the Hoffman Process is a week-long program, its intensity and effectiveness appeals to people who have demanding lives with little time.

We ask everyone to complete a comprehensive questionnaire prior to attending in order to individualize and focus on your personal needs. This allows our teachers to have an in-depth understanding of your requirements even before meeting you.

  • Gain better personal relationships
  • Renew enthusiasm for life and vitality
  • Increased leadership in business and work environments
  • Develop increased work life balance and effectiveness at work
  • Increase emotional intelligence, mindfulness and self-confidence
  • Relief from anger and depression
  • Find compassion and forgiveness for self and others
  • A better understanding of loved ones
  • A greater spiritual identity
  • A clearer sense of purpose and spirituality
  • Increased self-esteem and self-love
  • Greater emotional resilience
  • Healing breakdowns with parents
  • More meaning in life
  • Higher levels of vitality
  • Relief from anxiety
  • Overcoming ‘social phobias’




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