February 2019 Graduate
“I am more connected to myself and the world around me. I know how to sort out my emotions when I'm feeling overwhelmed.“


February 2019 Graduate
“I truly believe that all people regardless of your past or current state of mind should complete this Process. This was truly a life changing experience!“


February 2019 Graduate
“I loved the Process. If you are reading this and contemplating going, you need to go! You deserve it.“


February 2019 Graduate
“The slogan says it all 'When you're serious about change' . “


February 2019 Graduate
“I would invite anyone who is struggling with themselves to attend a Process.“


February 2019 Graduate
“If you were to gift yourself one thing in life - this would be it. All other dreams, wishes, visions and desires will flow after this experience.“


February 2019 Graduate
“I am leaving here a wiser man with many ways to help me throughout every day life.“


February 2019 Graduate
“Hoffman taught me to love my authentic self + to take responsability for the beliefs that pollute my spirit. Knowing these aspects of myself are the key that open my secret garden and shares it with the world.“


February 2019 Graduate
“It is a deeply moving process. You learn so much about yourself and it is an enlightening experience. You will truly learn about yourself on the spiritual level and growth is absolutely available if you are open to it.“


November 2018 Graduate
“Great process, life changing, if you put in the work. Great food, great retreat site.“


November 2018 Graduate
“Hoffman helped me find my breath. I felt as though the life was slowly leaving my body before the process. Now, my body is full. I am steady and calm and I know I belong in my life. I am so grateful.“


November 2018 Graduate
“One of the best decissions I've made in my life. I will forever be grateful for the Hoffman Process.“


November 2018 Graduate
“The Hoffman Process took me from a place of never feeling good enough to a place of peace and confidence. I am leaving here feeling so excited to live my life with purpose and intention and to share this gift with my children.“


November 2018 Graduate
“This was an incredible week of self-discovery. I gained a great sense of awareness and a tremendous set of tools that I can take with me into my everyday life.“


November 2018 Graduate
“Hoffman was a beacon of light when my life was darkest.“


November 2018 Graduate
“Coming into process, I was afraid and skeptical. After surrendering to the process, I have found the beautiful soul I had been smothering for so long. I have a thirst and hunger to see what every new day brings into my heart and life.“


November 2018 Graduate
“Where to begin! I did not know what to expect. I am walking away from this process with a new found sense of purpose, a fresh start, filled with self love, vitality, focus and a deep connection and respect for all parts of myself. I have such clarity and compassion for the first time in a long time. I feel deserving of my best life. This has been the most profound week of my life, I am so grateful for this experience.“


November 2018 Graduate
“A profound understanding of my self, my patterns and a deep compassion for my parents and all those around me that has allowed peace and love to infuse my body, mind and spirit.“


November 2018 Graduate
“This has been the most valuable, memorable week of my adult life. I have met the most amazing people, learned the most valuable life changing strategies that I can use in my every day life to achieve the life I want: a life filled with giving and receiving love and letting go of anger and guilt.“


November 2018 Graduate
“Over the years I have pursued many routes of personal development. I can honestly say this is the first time in my adult life I know who I am. I can't express how thankful I am for this experience.“


November 2018 Graduate
“The experience is profound. The journey is worth it and the friends will last a lifetime.“


September 2018 Graduate
“I understood how to be responsible and compassionate to myself and to others to the core. What a gift!“


September 2018 Graduate
“I didn't think Hoffman was available to me financially and I was building a secret 'Emergency Exit' plan for the day I decided I couldn't take any more pain. I felt that day was quickly approaching. Lori moved mountains for me. And while here, I made a vow to never end my own life.
Myself, my children, and my future grandchildren are very grateful and thank you, Hoffman.“


September 2018 Graduate
“I have learned there is more to me I haven't been listening to. That my triggers and activation are sourced in my emotional child and now I can meet my own needs vs. having my emotional child react.
For individuals having problems with family of origin issues, this process helps dissolve reactionary behaviours. For individuals struggling connecting to your spiritual self this process helps find your center, your light.“


September 2018 Graduate
“The compassionate approach from the teachers and staff to stay committed to helping me learn and grow.“


August 2018 Graduate
“I had the greatest, most unique experience of my life here. Being able to be open and happy is truly the greatest gift I've ever been given. It's not some quick fix. It's going to be a lifetime of work. But from the short taste I've experienced, it will be worth it. It will be whatever you want to make of it.“


August 2018 Graduate
“Before I went to Hoffman I was lonely, sad, depressed and totally beside myself. Throughout the Process I began to reconnect with myself and my spirituality. As I leave the Process, I feel the deepest love and compassion for myself and the world. Strongly recommend the Hoffman Process to ANYONE suffering from any type of mental health issue/emotional imbalance.“


August 2018 Graduate
“Over the last 10 years I lost myself. The Hoffman Process helped me find myself, open my heart, love myself and reconnect to my spiritual self. This couldn't have come at a better time.“


August 2018 Graduate
“An amazing journey that everyone should have the opportunity to experience. What a treat to reconnect with my inner child, do some healing and growth. Come to Hoffman and increase your emotional intelligence.“


August 2018 Graduate
“I gained my self confidence back. I no longer feel stuck. I've gained amazing insight into self.“


August 2018 Graduate
“I felt that my life was spiraling out of control. Hoffman taught me to love myself and to continue my path down the right road in order to obtain my new vision of life.“


May 2018 Graduate
“Helped me get in touch with my true, lovable me.“


May 2018 Graduate
“I came here, not knowing what was missing or what I was looking for. After this week and reflection on what I went from, to who I am now, I gained the tools to save my life, to regain my real life, my real me. I found me. That’s what was missing in my life.“


May 2018 Graduate
“I gained invaluable information at the process that will carry me through the rest of my life in a more positive and joyful world. I finally see myself for the person I am supposed to be.“


May 2018 Graduate
“The Hoffman Process was beyond my wildest hopes of encountering my authentic self and inspiring change. I cannot recommend highly enough!“


May 2018 Graduate
“Hoffman Process is a game changer on life. Step into the retreat, trust the process and have a new lease on life.“


April 2018 Graduate
“The Hoffman Process provided me with the understanding and ability to love myself and the other amazing humans on this planet. I am forever grateful to have had the opportunity to attend Hoffman’s. I now have a true sense of who I really am.“


April 2018 Graduate
“This experience gave me so much and I can’t even put it in words. Thank you Hoffman!“


March 2018 Graduate
“You may come from a place of fear, but know as a human, we all have the beauty in us, and deserve to be free and happy.“


March 2018 Graduate
“Hoffman taught me how to be forgiving which I never thought was possible to have for some people in my life. It taught me how to be myself, in this present moment.“


March 2018 Graduate
“Be the best you can be! Live your best life! What are you waiting for?“


March 2018 Graduate
“The Hoffman Process is extremely well designed. If one part of it doesn’t work for you, another will. As a process designer myself, I appreciate the care taken here.“


March 2018 Graduate
“Everyone should do this for themselves and the generations to come”


February 2018 Graduate
“The Hoffman Process has given me renewed confidence. I have been freed of the anxiety and self doubt that kept me isolated from my friends and others.”


February 2018 Graduate
“This is truly an opportunity to restart your life from wherever you are to wherever you want to be. I recommend this to anyone and everyone who wants better relationships with others and anyone who wants to heal the one with yourself.”


February 2018 Graduate
“This is by far the most valuable, impactful, transformative & healthy time that I have ever invested in myself. I have no doubt that this will completely change my relationships, my business & my walk through life.”


February 2018 Graduate
“I was once blind and now I see. The Hoffman Process awoken my everything and life will now begin again. Thank you for guiding me. I am forever grateful!”


February 2018 Graduate
“The Hoffman Process has helped me to establish a self-care practice that has immesurably altered my life for the better. I feel more open, authentic and compassionate towards myself and others.
Thank you, Hoffman Process! ”


February 2018 Graduate
“Hoffman truly let me blossom into the person I always knew deep down I could be. This has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my entire life.
Thank you ”


February 2018 Graduate
“The Hoffman Process gave me not only the deep exploration of myself, but the ability to feel equipped to face my future with courage.
Thank you ”


February 2018 Graduate
“If you’re reading this then go to the process! It is something I wish everyone can experience in their life-time. Truly delivers priceless value.“
Thank you ”


February 2018 Graduate
“If you want to take charge of yourself and all of the interactions you will have with others, the Hoffman Process is your answer.“
Thank you ”


September 2016 Graduate
“At 35 years old I have a redo in life as a mom, girlfriend, daughter, sister and a second chance at ME. For the first time EVER I enjoy and appreciate myself and all these humans I call friends.”


September 2016 Graduate
“Since completing the Process I am better than ever. My life changed in profound ways. The Hoffman Process is the single best experience I have ever had….period!”


August 2016 Graduate
“We got through life not really knowing what makes us think and act the way we do. At Hoffman, the noise became clear.”


August 2016 Graduate
“I chose the Hoffman Process after hearing all the positive feedback from many friends. I left feeling very light and free. I am calm and collected.”


May 2016 Graduate
I went to the Hoffman Process to find a way to relieve stress that was inhibiting my capabilities. The process far surpassed it's promise. Most exhilarating week ever for life changing clarity and transformation.”

Amy & Antoine

April & May 2016 Graduates
“Amy had been carrying stuff that weighed her down for years. The Process helped her discover her authentic self. Antoine’s struggles were robbing him from being happy and confident in his life decisions. Best thing we ever did for ourselves.”


April 2016 Graduate
“I came in a very unauthentic version of myself. I came out reconnected. I am at peace and have so much compassion for myself when life throws a curve ball.”


April 2016 Graduate
“The Hoffman Process was pivotal to my growth. I realized that whatever I did in the past has lead me to where I am today. Taking the Hoffman Process was one of the greatest choices I have ever made.”

Laddie & Shelley

2016 Graduates
“Hoffman has added rapport and strengthened our relationship. It has deepened our relationship and our communication skills and we have become even better than we already were.”


My Process - March 2012

I was a self-development junkie, buying every program, book, seminar, workshop and personal improvement series I could get my hands on. I was always trying to "fix" myself - to heal the deepest hurts. Yet, no tool, no therapy, no amount of journalling and purging could ever get to the aching heart of the matter.

On top of my own pain, I had a teenage daughter who was suicidal and my marriage was falling apart under the strain of life and my inability to cope. I was literally praying for a miracle when Hoffman came to my mind.

Three years earlier, in a single conversation, a professional colleague had recommended that I drop everything and go do the Hoffman Process, immediately. At that time, I thanked her but filed it away as not possible. Life was busy, I had a business, kids were small, there was a cost; I had all kinds of reasons why it wasn't the right time.

And then, here it was. The right time.

My single goal was to lean into my Process and do whatever work was requested of me. I was scared, and exhausted, and tired being in emotional, mental and physical pain - but I was hopeful.

The Process was a times intense, but it was also deeply relieving and not any more painful than the way I'd been living for the past 20 years. In fact, the Hoffman Process was the only program or healing modality I have ever invested in that actually brought deep and meaningful release and relief.

Five years ago, I changed my life for the better and the gifts of my Process continue to unfold even now.

I have experienced healing in relationships with those I love - both living and dead. I've forgiven myself for the ways I've hurt myself, and others. I've been blessed with deeper compassion, I'm a better parent, and a more loving partner. More importantly, I respect and love myself as much as any other person I care for.

I spent 20 years suffering; limping along in emotional pain, sick with self-loathing. I've enjoyed the last 5 years living with a settled conscience, a peaceful heart and a silent mind. I'm happy. My daughter still lives. My marriage is strong.

Life still throws curve balls, but with the gifts of my Process, I am better equipped to manage. I've never been healthier - mind, body and spirit.

With love, light and big gratitude.

Much love, Kim


November 2010 Graduate
“The Hoffman Process was an experience that changed me on very deep and profound level. I left the weekend with a new way of living life…a more authentic way of being myself.”


Cindy is an artist from Bala Ontario
"I found my way to the Hoffman Process during a very difficult time in my life when everything I thought I knew was changing. I was lost and fearful that I would never find my way out of the fog, but the Process helped me to access a part of myself that was more solid than anything I had ever known; a part that I never even knew existed. I began to develop the faith that not only could I handle the circumstances that had arisen in my life, but that I could use those same circumstances to my advantage and THRIVE. With what I learned during that week, and the support that I continued to receive after the Process, my life began to change in the most beautiful ways. I learned to identify destructive patterns in my life that were holding me back from reaching my potential and was given the tools to begin changing those patterns. The work continues, but the Hoffman Process was the springboard that launched me towards a more intentional and creative life."


As a business owner for many years I have come to realize as most leaders do, how important continuous self-development is. I had become a TEC member and participated with my group for many years which definitely advanced my business skill tool box. One of my learnings is that a leader must be as personally and emotionally balanced as possible which led me at the advice of my TEC chair to attended a Hoffman Process. That retreat helped me understand some of my own hidden emotional blocks that were holding me back from being all I could be and helped me to be much more emotionally intuitive about my staff and my loved ones. Attending the Hoffman Process was a significant turning point for me in my life balance and my self-awareness. I have since sent numerous employees and loved ones whom just knew something could be better in their life but not sure how to get it, to the retreat with very good results. For anyone who is looking to dig a little deeper into self-development I highly recommend Hoffman.
Henry Dunfield
HD Energy Inc.


The Hoffman Process saved my life! But even more importantly, I learned from the process to find freedom in my life. Freedom from suicidal thoughts. Freedom from judging myself for the things that had been done to me. Freedom from holding grudges for other peoples’ actions, because I can see where they are coming from, rather than just their actions.

It’s great to be ALIVE!!


While nothing can take away tough days and challenges, the Hoffman Process did give me tools to become aware of what was happening, how those dark side thoughts were trying to spiral me downward, how to look at things with self love and self worth, and choose to live in love, joy, hope with focus on living in the moment. It enables me to "stop, drop and roll" my mindset into a healthy one, recognizing that the term "free will choice" is actually a really great and positive thing. If you want to see "in real-time" how Hoffman has helped me process the last couple of years with it's challenges through divorce, surgeries, a cancer diagnosis, chemotherapy (now all clear) and the loss of my Mom, you can do so by checking out my blog at ineverclaimedtobenormal.wordpress.com

Robert, Jazz Vocalist

The Hoffman Process was a turning point in both my personal and professional life. My development as a person had reached a climax; I was at a point where my lack of self-love affected my work, my relationship with my wife and family, and more importantly my relationship with myself.

I knew that if I did not look at myself closely that I would not be able to face a period of struggles that were consuming my life. I needed to be honest with myself and my loved ones and face what I thought was an insurmountable hill to climb.

My week at Sanctum changed my life. The tools that I discovered to use have been paramount in renewing my outlook on life, sharing my feelings, and not being ashamed of who I really am. One is never truly “healed”, but one can now face life and challenges on a more balanced and understandable plain.
My sister has recently completed the retreat as well, and it was one of the greatest gifts I could share with a human.
Thank you, Hoffman, for opening my mind and heart to love and healing.

Dr. Christine ICADC ICCS

The Hoffman Process was a life changing experience for me. I was transformed from the sad and resentful person I had warped into, to the spiritual, wholesome being I was always meant to be. After 17 years of not speaking to my father, I was able to reconnect with him in love and light and we spent the last five years of his life in a loving, respectful father / daughter relationship. I thank the process, and my fab teachers Barbara and Dietmar, for this incredible gift of a shot of a second life in one lifetime. I now recommend the process to many people I meet with confidence that they too will have a life-changing experience.


For years I had a clear vision of the importance of my life’s work, the Arrowsmith Program, in alleviating the suffering of individuals struggling with learning difficulties and how it needed to be accessible on the world stage. I also knew my patterns were a very significant limiting factor in my realizing this vision. In 1996 I became aware of the Hoffman Process and its tenet of recognizing self-limiting patterns and learning tools to reduce and eliminate the impact of these patterns. It was a profoundly life altering experience. Today my program is in over 90 schools in seven countries and expanding at a rapid rate. I have the courage to stand in my worth, ask for and receive support to realize my vision and allow this work to flow out into the world with ease, grace and heart integrity. I know I would not be where I am today without the Hoffman Process. As a member of TEC, an entrepreneur group that shares best practices, I believe the Hoffman Process is a powerful option to support entrepreneurs in aligning with their vision and mission.




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