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Newsletter October 2018

October 2018

Upcoming Events Q & A:

Q: Are there any Refresher Days coming up I can attend?
A: We have two refresher Days this month both on Oct 20th. One in Saskatoon with Jamie MacRae Location: Riverside Country Club - 3180 Grasswood Road West Saskatoon, SK S7T 1A1. And one in Vancouver with Dorothy Holden at Blue Horizon Hotel -1225 Robson Street Vancouver, BC V6E 1C3.

Q: What is the cost for attending a Refresher Day?
A: We are still offering Refresher Days for free for the next two months. We do ask that you think of contributing to the expansion of Sanctum if your budget allows at your refresher day.

In order to have the Hoffman Process fully integrate into your life, we believe it is important to continually immerse yourself in the tools that the Process is famous for. With that in mind, we believe Hoffman Canada is the only Country that offers our Refresher days at NO COST. We encourage you to attend and learn from either Jamie or Dorothy this month. After the Refresher Day is complete, we will ask you to consider making a tax-deductible donation to Sanctum, home of Hoffman Institute Canada in Alberta. For every dollar donated, we will match that amount and apply your contribution to those who need help with a scholarship.

Q: What topics will be covered during the Refresher Days?
A: We allow our teacher’s creativity and they determine the topics to be covered. With their many years of experience, they always deliver just what the student needs!

Q: Is there room for this month’s Hoffman Process?
A: Yes, we have a few spots available still for the Caroline Hoffman Process Oct 12-Oct 19, 2018

Q: I can’t find the login area to listen to visualizations where is it located on the website?
A: All of our visualizations no longer require you to login to listen. Go to and click grads. Scroll to the very bottom and you will see the image below. Click on Listen Now.

October 2018

Q: I want to go to a ceremony of Integration on Thursday for new graduates. But I don’t know the times or details of how to attend. What are the details?
A: This month there is one ceremony of integration on Oct 18th, 2018. You secure your spot by going to and click grads. Scroll half way down and you will see the below. Click on regular price. You will then get an email from that will list the time break down and etiquette for the evening.

October 2018

October 2018

Pumpkin Fun Facts for October

  1. A pumpkin is a fruit
  2. Pumpkins are 90% water
  3. The heaviest pumpkin to be put officially on record, was grown in 2010. It weighed 1,810.5 pounds
  4. Pumpkin comes from the Greek, Pepon, meaning melon
  5. Pumpkins grow on 6 of the 7 continents

October 2018

New Coaching Portal

You now have the opportunity to schedule an appointment with your teacher online. If you need a little help this month with patterns, conflicts arising in your life or just to stay connected to your Hoffman Tools. Our teachers are happy to set aside time to work with you.

Visit and hover over the header “Grads” then click coaching. You will be given the opportunity to select your teacher and time that fits your schedule.

October 2018

October 2018

Have a safe and Happy Halloween

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