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Newsletter June 2018

Father’s Day tribute

“As Father’s Day approaches, I think about healing childhood. I look back on time since I did the Hoffman Process with gratitude. The Process took me from a place of old childhood patterns to being more open, compassionate, loving of myself and aware. One of the biggest gifts for me was connecting with my dad on a different level. I know my dad loved me and was proud of me, however, he also acted in ways that made me feel unloved. The Hoffman Process helped me to really understand my dad and what happened in his life and I was able to come home and really connect from a place of forgiveness and love, which created a turning point in our relationship. I wanted to know more about my dad’s childhood and life and I saw him through different eyes. My dad recently passed away and this will be my first Father’s Day without him and although I feel sad and miss him dearly, I am so thankful that during his last few years I had a renewed relationship and am at peace. He taught me so many things in my life; how to care for others, be persistent, be frugal and yet give to others, to be curious and to go after what I want. Happy Father’s Day in Heaven dad, I miss you and thank you for everything you taught me. Thank you to the Hoffman Process for teaching me to connect with my dad in such a special way, for the friendships I have made with my fellow Hoffmates and for giving me a set of tools that I can use for a lifetime.”

Lori Raudnask, Hoffman Institute Managing Director

Hoffman Institute of Canada supports adolescent Mental Health

Garden party

W. Brett Wilson is a Hoffman grad and huge supporter of the Process. We were honoured to be invited to his private home for this year's 'White with a Dash of Bright' annual come-and-go Garden Party. It is a fundraiser for various causes involving adolescent mental health.

Refresher days and Closure at Sanctum

For all of you Hoffman grads that attended our past Refresher days in 2018, you will remember that in celebration of Hoffman Canada’s 25 years, we have waived the regular price of $149 for these events this year.

Register early for the following Refresher days:

Attend Closure – Ceremony of Integration June 21, 2018 at Sanctum

Take advantage of the weather and come celebrate with the newest crop of Hoffman Grads. It’s always inspiring to visit the grounds of Sanctum and reminisce about your Process. Register by clicking here.

At the Hoffman Institute Canada, we want to wish all dads, a wonderful day doing what you love. If you would like to send your dad to the Hoffman Process, we would be happy to reduce the Process fee by $500. Email at lori@hoffmaninstitute.cafor more information.

How do I explain to my dad what the Hoffman Process is all about?

We have had requests to do another free introductory call and have scheduled it for Wednesday, July 4th at 9 p.m. Eastern Standard Time. A Hoffman Institute staff member and teacher, who are trained to support and respond to people who are considering the Process, will answer questions from callers. Process graduates are also warmly welcomed on the call. You can join in the discussion or simply listen. This is an easy way to learn more about the Process in real-time with real people.

To be on the next call:


Meeting ID: 765 513 253

We also provide free private enrollment calls Monday-Friday from 9 a.m.–5 p.m. by calling 1-800-741-3449.

Sending love and light for a fabulous Father’s Day weekend!

Hoffman Institute Canada




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