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Newsletter January 2018

Are You Ready to Brush Up On Your Hoffman Tools and Practices?

Hoffman International celebrated 50 years of the Hoffman Process bringing peace and love to individuals around the world and to celebrate this we have a new line-up of one-day Graduate Refresher Days. Refresher Days are led by one of the Hoffman Canada Teachers, who offer you the opportunity to revisit the tools you learned, meet up with other Graduates and reconnect to the Hoffman energy!

Join us in Toronto, Calgary, Edmonton, Victoria and Ottawa (keep checking for future dates) and deepen your connection with the Hoffman tools and practices to support you in making positive life changes. Each Refresher Day has a theme to assist you in enhancing your life, building resilience to life's challenges and deepening your connection to your Light.


Refresher Day in Toronto on Saturday, February 3, 2018 with Dietmar Heine

Master Having Courageous Conversations by Overcoming Fears, Upsets and Not Trusting

Do your fears, upsets or lack of trust impact your connection to yourself and others? Do you avoid having difficult conversations because of fear? Spend a day with other Grads reviewing Hoffman tools and practices that tackle these challenges. We will take a deep dive and explore fears and also learn how to overcome fears. You will be introduced to a communications model that will enable you to successfully have those difficult conversations you’ve been avoiding (or not doing well). Finally, you will learn about how trust develops and how it can be re-established once it’s damaged.

Refresher Day in Calgary on Saturday, March 17, 2018 with Barbara Burke

Cultivating Self Compassion and Mindful Empathy in Your Everyday Life

“Love is the flowing, the outpouring, the rendering from the heart and soul of emotional goodness to yourself first and then to others in your life.” Explore how you can develop greater self-compassion through the power of being kind to yourself and from this place be a more loving person to others in your life. We will be integrating tools and practices throughout the day to support you in cultivating this in your life. A great opportunity to reignite your connection to your Spiritual Self and a wonderful opportunity to connect with other grads committed to living on The Right Road.

Refresher Day in Edmonton on Saturday, May 19, 2018 with Jamie MacRae

“After climbing a great hill, one only finds that there are many more hills to climb.” Nelson Mandela

No matter where you find yourself in your life after your Process, there are always other hills or challenges to climb or explore. Join fellow Grads to reconnect to the tools and practices that you gained from your experience in your Process, as you explore the success of past challenges and lay the ground work for moving forward with the new challenges or reoccurring challenges in your life. A wonderful opportunity to honour your connection to your Spiritual Self. And, what a great way to continue your journey, by taking the opportunity to connect with other Grads committed to living on The Right Road.

Refresher Day in Victoria on Saturday, June 2, 2018 with Dorothy Holden

Resilience: Bouncing Back from Personal Challenges

Spend the day with other Grads reviewing tools and practices that you can use in your daily life to build resilience. Learn how to manage change, disappointment, uncertainty, and unmet expectations. Expand your capacity to live with authenticity, confidence, joy and inner spite of personal challenges.

Refresher Day in Ottawa on Saturday, June 23 – Helen Valleau

Get Clear On Who You Truly Are!

Acknowledge your stackable moments of success since taking your Hoffman Process. Release limiting ideas of who you think you are and deepen your connection to your Spiritual Self. We will review concepts of shame, self-responsibility, the tools and practices so you are feeling more heart-centred, empowered and committed to living an authentic life.

Participating in a Refresher is a wonderful way to immerse yourself in a day of deep learning and growth, meet other local Graduates, and come away deeply enlivened and connected to your own wisdom. Why not invite your Hoffmates to join you for a great day!

**Contact or call 1-800-741-3449 to register. Due to the limited number of seats, we will be asking for your credit card number upon registration. Your card will be charged a no-show fee of $100 if you do not show up and have not contacted Hoffman Institute Canada at least one week prior**

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