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Newsletter September 2017

Port Dover, Ontario

Are you ready for the next step in your healing journey?

Q2 Live Your Life Fully Now Weekend

October 27- 29, 2017 in Port Dover, Ontario
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What to expect from you Q2 experience…

In your Process you identified how the negative patterns you were dealing with in your life were acquired. This was through Negative Love, your early childhood and from the parents who gave you birth and those who raised you. In your Process you were able to come to peace with your parents and also gain many practices and tools to take into your life, so that you could live your life from a place of authenticity and your Spiritual Self. You also began the journey of living from intention and creating a vision for your life. On the final Friday of your Process you moved into your life...and the journey began for you.

In Q2...Live Your Life Fully Now... you will be guided to look at what is getting in the way, from whatever place you are on in your journey, of fully stepping into your vision for your life.

  • What patterns are still blocking you from where your heart desires to be?
  • What is the legacy that you wish to leave behind?
  • Where is your dark side still showing up and taking control?
  • What stories are you still telling yourself that are limiting your life?
  • Where are you not showing up in your life and what to do about it?
  • Do you want to take your vision to the next level?
  • Are you living a life filled with passion, intimacy and great relationships?

Over the three days, you will deepen your desire to live as passionately and authentically as you possibly can. You will fully engage in your life and move to a new place of being with your vision, to Live Your Life Fully Now!

Q2 Testimonial


“I decided to attend Q2 expecting it to be a Hoffman refresher. I was delighted to experience an expansive and transformational experience that took my Hoffman learnings to a much higher level. Q2 opened my eyes to so many more Hoffman tools, new friends and reminded me of how profoundly debilitating my lingering patterns have been in my life. I recommend Q2 to anyone who has completed the Hoffman Process.”

Mike Russel

Port Dover


Hoffman Process 2018 Dates Just Released

Caroline, Alberta

Port Dover, Ontario



Interviewed by Lori Raudnask

Barbara Burke

LR: When and where did you do your Process?

BB: I did my Process in July of 1996.

LR: What drew you to take the Process?

BB: My sister Sally had taken the Process. She was dealing with a serious eating disorder and her counsellor in the States had told her either she would have to be hospitalized or there was a program through Hoffman Institute Canada that might help her. She went with her intuition and decided to attend. I was stunned with her transformation.

At the time, I had a very challenging relationship with my mother. I could barely let her hug me. My father was deceased and I held a lot of anger toward him. It was my mother who suggested I consider taking the Process. I told her I couldn’t afforded to pay and she offered to pay for me. I accepted but told her there was no guarantee I would like her afterward and she said she only wanted my happiness.

LR: What was the greatest gift you received from doing the Process?

BB: There are so many gifts but by far the greatest gift was an authentic, loving relationship with my mother, and I came to a place of deep peace with my father.

LR: When did you decide to become a Hoffman teacher and why did you pursue this work?

BB: To be honest, being a Hoffman teacher was never in my vision. I had been an elementary school teacher for 20 years and after the Process I was clear that teaching elementary school wasn’t my vocation. I began studying spirituality and nurturing my creativity. I decided to take an early retirement in 2005 without a clue as to how I would support myself. That Fall, I began to facilitate a women’s group in Toronto based on my I Am Divine cards, as a way of supporting myself. In June of that year, I had lunch with Maureeen Kolassa, who was the owner of Hoffman Canada. Maureen asked me if I had ever considered being a Hoffman Teacher. My immediate answer was “it looked too hard.” She assured me it was easy (lol).

That November, Hoffman Canada put out a call to Grads interested in applying to teach. I was accepted with ten other trainees, Dorothy Holden being one of them! She and I made it through a very rigorous yearlong training. It was truly the best decision I have ever made. I see it as the world’s best job. To witness the personal transformation in each client is such an honour.

LR: Many of our grads use your I Am Divine cards as an integral part of their daily practice. Can you tell us when and how you created them?

BB: Two years after my Process, I met a woman who helped people connect to their life purpose. In our first meeting, she declared that I was an artist! I was stunned…I had never taken any art courses in school and yet I had always been drawn to colour and things of beauty. I asked her how she knew this and she said my home informed her. She just had to look around. My walls were covered with works of art and words (I had my favorite quotes up all around).

We continued to work together and one day she suggested that I design some meditation cards for her clients. She gave me some phrases such as “I Am Peace”. I told her that I couldn’t draw so it would have to be abstract. I gave her the first five, then she gave me five more and ten turned into twenty until I had 90 cards. Somewhere along the way, we decided to add ‘Divine’ to the phrase.

Barbara Burke

Each morning at breakfast I would reach for an index card and write one of the affirmations with my calligraphy pen. Then intuitively choose the colours from my set of prisma color pencils I thought went with the words. I let the colored pencil draw the image and I never knew ahead of time what the end result would be.

Over time our partnership was dissolved for a number of reasons. I was ready to throw the cards away. Many months afterward I had dinner with a friend who asked to see the cards. She blessed them and asked if I had ever thought about writing a meditation for each card. I looked at her and said “Me, a writer?”

One sunny day soon after, I was sitting in a café near the Art Gallery and pulled out my journal and thought why don’t I write about gratitude (I was feeling so much that day). I found the words just flowed. I then started to write each morning at breakfast. I would simply draw a card and write what I knew about that affirmation. I kept it in my journal never truly believing that anyone other than myself would ever read it. I remember having difficulty with one card in particular “I Am Divine Discipline” ... I saved that one for the end as I had so much resistance to it.

Months later I decided to read what I wrote and actually was intrigued with the wisdom within. I decided to show my writing to a friend of mine who I knew would tell me the truth. I hesitatingly showed her some of my work and patiently waited while she read it. As it turned out she loved it and told me I needed to get my work out into the world.

I began to input my writing into the computer and thought I would photocopy a few cards and send them off to some publishers. The first two publishers wrote: “your cards were a joy to read and it is important to get my message out to the world” and “your idea is good, your heart is in the right place.” I prayed for guidance as to where to go from there and decided to self -publish. In August of 2001, the cards were ready to go to print. It was like giving birth. On the day they went to print, I got to stand on top of the huge presses and watch! I will never forget that day.

I began to privately sell the cards right away, and I am always amazed how the cards always find their way to the right people. So many people have told me how amazed they are that they always “choose the right card” for themselves in the moment. It is such a pleasure to know that my work has made a difference in so many people’s lives.

I myself choose a card each day and am I amazed at the wisdom that lies within. Many people have asked me if they were ‘channeled.” I think that my heart was open when I wrote them and I think the Divine inspire me. I believe each one of us has access to the wisdom that lies within. The important thing is to be willing to live your gift.

Barbara Burke

In 2011, I decided to write an accompanying journal for people to use for their daily practice, A Year of Living Your Divinity. I created water coloured mandalas for each of the twelve months. I published it in 2012.

I have just completed writing a children’s set of I Am Divine cards that will be released at the end of this year. I am thrilled to have the opportunity to teach children what I believe is most important!

LR: What is your vision for Hoffman Canada in the next decade?

BB: My greatest wish is that the Process would be offered in every Province and touch millions of people and their families. This is how our world will be transformed!


“Prior to attending Hoffman Canada I had hit rock bottom. I was suffering from depression, anxiety, extremely low self-worth, lack of confidence, suicidal thoughts and basically hated everything physically and emotionally about myself. I thought I would feel helpless for my whole life. Now that I have graduated from Hoffman, I am a confident, proud and a high self-worth man who loves everything about himself. I see a man in the mirror who I cherish, honour and respect. Will there be bumps in the road going forward...100%. Do I now have the tools, awareness and support from Hoffman to deal with them...100%. Hoffman saved my life and I would recommend it for every person in this world because we all have issues. I love MYSELF, my wife, my son, my parents, my family and my friends more than I ever have before. If somebody told me there is a 7 day intensive therapy model that will change your life, I would have laughed. Everyone owes it to themselves to at least contact Hoffman Canada and see if the Process is for them. I did and it changed my life and my family's life FOREVER.”

The Journey Continues...

The Journey Continues

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