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Newsletter July 2017

Meet our Outstanding Canadian: Glori Meldrum

Glori Meldrum

Hoffman Graduate Glori Meldrum is a passionate advocate for the awareness, prevention, and treatment of child sexual abuse. Glori founded Little Warriors in March 2008 in an effort to create awareness around this horrific problem, and work to prevent it and offer treatment to children who are victims. Glori was just recognized as one of Shaw Canada’s 50 Outstanding Canadians.

We wanted to know more about this amazing Hoffman Graduate:

When did you do your Process?

It was the spring of 2009.

What brought you to the Hoffman Process?

I was probably at the lowest point in my life when I bumped into a friend of mine at a coffee shop. She was also a child sexual abuse survivor and we had a lot in common, but the biggest difference that day was her obvious happiness. She was glowing and the second I saw her I knew something had changed dramatically in her life and I needed it in mine.

What benefit did you receive from The Hoffman Process?

I received the relentless pursuit of the truth. When we were supposed to be taking out our anger with a bat and beating the crap out of a pillow, I tried to fake it! I thought I could get one past your team and they caught me. They forced me to dig deep to a place I truly did not want to go. They would not let up until I was so exhausted I couldn’t fight back. I had no choice but to hit the bottom and see the truth – I did not love myself. It was awful and necessary and the turning point in my life.

What was the greatest gift you received?

When I was 8 years old, my personal journey of self-discovery, which all people should be allowed to experience, was interrupted by my grandfather. My personal journey was de-railed and I never learned to love myself. Your Process allowed me to start over, forgive myself and love the goodness within me. My greatest gift was a second chance, and please know that I have treasured it.

You have referred a number of people throughout the years. Why?

I know what it means to be trapped in a world of self-loathing. There is nothing worse than believing that you don’t deserve happiness, that you are not worthy of love. No one should have to feel that and most people can’t find their way out of that world once they’ve built it in their own minds. They need an experienced guide to lead them out of their own personal darkness and despair – a guide who can help them embrace the light and assure them they are worthy of it in the first place.

What makes The Hoffman Process different from other personal development programmes?

I suppose I’m lucky that I didn’t take any other programs – I got it right the first time with you. But, I believe it’s the immersion that makes the difference. Once someone is in the Hoffman Process they have no choice but to face their demons because it’s ‘all about you’. It’s an immersion into long, difficult, emotional days under the guidance of caring, compassionate professionals. There is no ‘easy option’ in the fight to save your own soul. This is the most important battle of your life and it shouldn’t be easy. It should be gut wrenching and life altering. And it is. And it’s worth it.

You have been described as a visionary. When did you first vision your Be Brave Ranch? Can you tell us more about living into that vision?

I had the good fortune to hear David Ash talk about deciding what is really valuable in your life; finding the purpose in your life. And as he talked, the picture just started to form in my head. It was so powerful to believe that the anger and sorrow that had impacted my life so drastically could now be channeled into positive growth and change. It was the strangest experience – I was trying to absorb what David was saying and at the same time I was vibrating with excitement knowing my life was about to take on a whole new challenge. I had no idea ‘how’ I was going to make it a reality, but I had no doubt in my mind that I would.

What benefit do you receive from being such an ambassador of The Hoffman Process?

It would have been a huge reward for me if I could have contributed to making even one life better. That would have meant the world to me. To know that I’ve assisted several people in regaining the life they were supposed to be leading… it gives me immeasurable joy!

Is there anything else you wish to add?

I would like you to know that I think about the Hoffman Process and the guides I had on my journey every day. Every day. The world needs you and I am going to recommend you to every fractured soul I meet.

The new location in Ontario for the Hoffman Process at Clonmel Castle in Port Dover welcomed 18 new Hoffmates! Our “Closure Ceremony of Integration” and dinner on July 13th was a great night where 24 returning Graduates came to support the new Graduates….thank you for your support, it was amazing!

Closure Ceremony of Integration

Maintenance Day

Maintenance Day on Building Compassionate Relationships in Port Dover was held on the 14th of July followed by a Lake Erie Perch dinner served by Clonmel Castle. A wonderful day spent with Hoffmates refreshing Hoffman tools.

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The Journey Continues

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