Newsletter May 2017 | The Hoffman Process Canada

Newsletter May 2017

For three years we have been looking for the perfect location to host the Hoffman Process in Ontario. We are proud to announce that we have found that spot and will be hosting a Process on July 8-14, 2017.

One of Ontario’s best kept secrets... beautiful lakeside…. Port Dover and Clonmel Castle

Port Dover and Clonmel Castle

About an hour’s drive from Hamilton, two from Toronto, Port Dover offers a remarkable array of festivals, beautiful scenery and unique experiences. Port Dover’s warmth, charm and unique history will excite your imagination... and capture your heart. Sandy beaches and a romantic pier. Fancy yachts and fishing tugs. Historical sites and world famous perch.

The Process will be held at Clonmel Castle which is a peaceful haven. It is nestled in a serene valley beside a waterfall.

Your friends and family can now attend a Hoffman Process locally in their own Province and closure is just around the corner for Hoffman Graduates on Thursday, July 13th.

If you are interested in registering for this July Ontario Process as a review or you know someone who would like to participate in this inaugural Process, please email Lori at directly and she will help you.

Meet the Owner of Clonmel Castle, Hoffman Graduate Lynda Steffler who shares her story.

Lynda Steffler

A close friend that had attended the Hoffman Process saw our family pain and grief. We were not coping well….cancer, suicide, divorce, abandonment….and this friend shared with us how the Process could help.

“You can spend the rest of your life in Therapy and spend a fortune…why not attend a Process and do it all at once.” The “Hoffman Life Line” Process was presented, totally resonated with me. Who has the time and energy to deal with the past for the rest of your life? I took my Process in 2008 and went back several times for closure and attended CYJ’s with other Hoffmates.

I began manifesting the “Wellness Centre” dream after experiencing the devastating loss of my beautiful husband Gary, to cancer. Seeing him suffer, learning what causes cancer and other sicknesses, and recognizing the connection between diet and healing, led me to believe that a combination of both physical and mental health was imperative for total wellness. And so my journey began to find the “right” location. One morning I woke up and heard a voice giving me instructions on where to find Clonmel Castle. I fell in love at first site.

Further to a finding a perfect location, I wanted to extend what I have learned from the Hypocrites Health Institute in West Palm Beach, which is focused on organic, raw and vegan options, and a healthy diet with the Hoffman Process to make the entire healing process even better.

Clonmel Castle is a peaceful haven. It is nestled in a serene valley beside a waterfall. Situated on a magical vortex; Clonmel has a beautiful loving energy. The rooms are large and comfortable, a lot of planning has been put in to making each “Chamber” a cozy and unique healing experience. All the beds are organic and covered with Lamb wool toppers for the “best night sleep” in a non-allergic environment.

I believe I have created a Healing Oasis for everyone.



After I participated in the week-long Hoffman Process, someone close to me told me I looked "ten years younger.” That was literally true, since aging—for many of us—means accumulating more psychic burdens, along with more age lines on faces. But what if we could let go of old stuff, of the burdens imposed on usby difficult life experiences and the beliefs that, as a result of such experiences, we constructed about ourselves, about existence, about other people? What if we could be in the present and have some inner technology by which to recognize what is tired and tiresome and no longer helpful, and to let go of such material? By suchmeans we become younger. The Hoffman Process is a highly sophisticated yet essentially simple means of transforming one’s relationship with the most important person in our lives: ourselves. From such transformation, other changes follow. The Process requires commitment, not just for the week itself but beyond it, a commitment to the practices learned and a commitment to one’s ongoing transformation. For those willing to commit to themselves through the Hoffman Process, the results are abundant

Gabor Maté M.D. Author, In The Realm of Hungry Ghosts: Close Encounters With Addiction

Graduate Only section on the website

Graduate Only section

On the website when you click on the Graduate section on the right side of the header bar, you can register for a log in password. Once you have this password, you can go into the Graduate only section where you will find Hoffman Tools & Hoffman Visualizations.

The Journey Continues...

Graduate Only section

Hoffman Chapters Launched Across Canada!

Last month 3 Chapters were Launched Ottawa, Toronto and Saskatoon!

Launched Across Canada


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