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New Graduate Only Section with free tools to support you

We are truly committed to supporting our past graduates in leading a life from a place of Light and love. We want you, our Hoffman Canada Grads, to be able to revitalize and relive your Hoffman experience, whether it was last month or 26 years ago. In order to do so, we have completed a “Graduate Only Section” on our website that will allow you to sign in and have access to a number of Hoffman Visualizations and Tools. The following are some examples of what you will find:

  1. The I Am That I Am Visualization – a beautiful guided visualization that helps you to once again connect with your Spiritual Self and to allow your Spiritual Self to speak. This visualization provides you with loving positive affirmations that are to be repeated and are a profound way of deepening your spiritual practice. You give your Spiritual Self a voice in this uplifting reminder of the truth of who you are. This is our most popular visualization and can be listened to anywhere at any time, in the morning to start your day off on the Right Road, in the car, or at the end of the day as you drift off to sleep with positive affirmations emanating through your body.
  2. The River of Life Visualization – this invigorating guided visualization provides a refreshing ride down your River of Life that runs through your Sanctuary! Join your guide as you navigate your river, over rocks and boulders and riding triumphantly as you are reminded of the journey of life and that you do indeed possess all you need to choose the life of your dreams! This is a wonderful visualization to lead you into a place of creation, commitment and re-dedication to truly living and manifesting your vision!
  3. Visioning – This inspiring visualization will lead you through creating your Vision for your life! This is an excellent way of not only re-connecting with the path of your vision everyday – but also a way of renewing your commitment to your vision and to living your life on your path to truth, honour, integrity, passion, inspiration, love, light and purpose!
  4. Re-Cycling – Listen to your very own recorded version of the most powerful transformative Hoffman Tool! This guided visualization will take you through the steps one by one on how to transform your negative patterns into loving authentic alternatives, allowing you to respond from a place of choice versus reactivity.
  5. Pre-Cycling – Another version of this transformative tool! In this guided visualization you have the opportunity to look ahead to the future and ask yourself – what pattern do I want to prepare myself for if it happens in this future situation? You can transform the negative pattern in advance of a situation where it arises and have a loving authentic alternative to live it, once again from a place of responding versus reacting!

How do you get access to these tools?
All of these wonderful tools are online at Grads Area . All you have to do is create your own user ID and password. As long as your first and last name match our records, you will automatically be granted access to the Graduate section. Please be aware that it might take up to 24 hours to verify and grant you access. If you have any challenges signing in, please simply email us at and we will be happy to assist you. Please utilize this information and know that our intention is to support you to revitalize and relive that “Hoffman feeling”, that is how you can be a vehicle of positive change for yourself and those you connect within your life.

Hoffman Graduate Support Initiatives: Chapters and CYJ’s

We are very excited to launch two Hoffman Graduate Support initiatives, that are led entirely by past Hoffman Graduates.

  1. Hoffman Canada Chapters
  2. Newly re-created Hoffman Canada “Continue Your Journey” Meeting Modules (CYJ's).
    1. Chapters. Have you ever wanted to meet other Hoffman Grads living in your area? Now you can! Staying connected to other Hoffman graduates is one of the most powerful ways to helping you live on the Right Road. That is why we are excited to introduce Hoffman chapters. They provide an opportunity to meet other Hoffman Graduates in your community outside of the formal Hoffman Process teachings or a CYJ meeting.

      The chapter in Calgary put together a Christmas party for Hoffman Grads. Everyone was invited to bring their friends and family. About 100 people were there to socialize and even heard special guest speaker Morris Lukowich share stories about living his dream and playing in the NHL and participating in November’s Heritage Classic between the Winnipeg Jets and Edmonton Oilers.

      If you are interested in participating in a chapter in your area, please contact Tyler at if you are in Western Canada – or Lori at if you are Central or Eastern Canada.

    2. CYJ's (Continue Your Journey) meetings are considered an extension of your Hoffman Process. They are typically monthly gatherings offered by Hoffman Graduates. Meetings may be held in your community or even online and offer an opportunity to practice your Hoffman Tools and confidentially share. There are modules created by a Hoffman Teacher that cover a plethora of related topics that include Dark Side, gratitude, forgiveness, etc. We believe that this is a wonderful way to keep connected to your Process as well as provide a way to connect with other Hoffman Graduates in your area and your Spiritual Self.

      If you are interested in attending or hosting a local or online CYJ, please contact Tyler at if you are in Western Canada – or Lori at if you are Central or Eastern Canada.

      If you already are running a CYJ and are open to having other Hoffmates attend, please let us know. The next online CYJs will be held Monday February 13, 2017 and Monday March 13, 2017 from 7-8:30pm MST. Please email to register!

Maintenance Days and Q2:Live Fully Now! Workshops during 2017

Within Hoffman Canada, we are very busy with sharing the Hoffman Process with more Canadians than ever. Virtually every Process in 2016 was sold out. We are off to a great start this year with 27 new Hoffmates graduating from our first Process in 2017. In addition to our monthly Processes we also have more supporting events than ever.

The two main ways we plan on helping you keep connected and on the “Right Road“ are going to be Maintenance Days throughout Canada nearly every quarter, as well as our annual Q2 (Hoffman Quadrinity 2): Live Fully Now! Process.

Maintenance Days are a brilliant way to connect with other Hoffman Graduates led by one of our Hoffman Canada Teachers. Through a day of interactive Hoffman Tool review you can work through any “new” patterns that have surfaced since your Process and have an opportunity to re-kindle and reconnect with your Spiritual Self.

This is an essential part of “living on that Right Road” – practice, practice and more practice in the Hoffman Tools that will be provided. Often our Dark Side will tell us that we “can do it all on our own” or that “we don’t need to reconnect” – but the instant you do, you immediately remember that every moment is a choice. So what are you choosing for yourself? Please join us in remembering how powerful and loving you are!

Timing: 9:30 a.m. to 3 p.m.
Locations: Vary across Canada

Regular Price $149.00
Early Bird Special Only $129.00
Early Bird Special Price available until January 31, 2017

Maintenance Dates Living On the Right Road in 2017

Q2: LIVE FULLY NOW! –Do you want to LIVE YOUR LIFE FULLY NOW? Do you want to release what is coming up for you in your life NOW since your Process?

“If the Hoffman Process showed me I had a life… the Q2: Live Fully Now! Gave me a life!”
Hoffman 2010 Graduate

“My wife and I did the Q2 together and we just loved the experience of sharing in Hoffman – it was a profound rejuvenation for both of us AND our relationship.”
Hoffman 2013 Graduate

“The Q2 weekend was clearly the best thing I have done for myself since my Process! I took my life to a whole new place, it was a gift to me that will keep on giving for the rest of my life.”
Hoffman 2015 Graduate

This highly energetic, profoundly changing and engaging three (3) day intensive program is the next best gift since your Process!
You will have the opportunity to take your vision to a new level of expression! You can expect improvement in all areas of your life including: Be a better spouse/partner, improve your parenting, increase abundance in your life, step into your health and vitality, and expand your vision for your life.

In the Q2 you:

  • Explore what is coming up in your life now since you have taken the Process
  • Uncover patterns that are holding you back in your relationships, sexuality, parenting, finances, work, health, balance and more
  • Peel back even more layers to reveal your true nature
  • Release any new blocks that have come to the surface since your Process
  • Rekindle and deepen your connection to your Spiritual Self
  • Bring fresh life to your vision for yourself!
  • Get a new start on daily practices that can help you lead life with more passion, ease and grace
  • Re-commit to yourself, remembering the importance of loving yourself first
  • Face your dark side with renewed energy
  • Review the tools of the Hoffman Process and learn new ways of using these in your life on a daily basis
  • Solidify your spiritual connection

We look forward to welcoming you at the Q2: Live Fully Now! You can even do this with your partner or spouse, parent, child or any family member or friend, as long as they have taken the Process! We have found that Hoffman Graduates who are most successful in living their vision post Process commit to taking the Q2: Live Fully Now! every year as a dedication to their continued growth on that “Right Road”.

Entrepreneur Spotlight: How Hoffmate Ravi changes lives and his company by supporting each of his employees to take the Hoffman Process

Going forward, we would like to showcase various Hoffman Graduates, focusing on how they are helping change the lives of many after having gone through the immensely life-changing shift the Process brought to their own lives. In this very first Entrepreneur Spotlight article, our Hoffman Canada Teacher Barbara Burke talked to Ravi R. Gukathasan, a highly successful entrepreneur with a profound vision. We invite you to read his story and be inspired!

Ravi R. Gukathasan was born in Sri Lanka in 1959, immigrated to England in 1974 and then to Canada in 1978. He obtained his doctoral degree in Organometallic Chemistry from the University of Toronto. Upon completion of his PhD in 1987, Ravi founded Digital Specialty Chemicals Ltd with the financial backing of Mr Henry W. Giles.

Starting out with only 2 employees, Ravi has seen DSC grow to become an ISO9001 & 14001 registered company with a modern manufacturing facility, more than 40 employees and annual sales in excess of $10 million.

Ravi's primary duties are to plan the company's future growth, corporate and financial decision-making and overseeing the daily operations of the business. He is passionate about DSC's success built from the fundamentals of environmental and social responsibility.

In 2014, DSC made a covenant to become a triple bottom line (3BL) company. 3BL organizations balance economic growth with environmental integrity and social responsibility. People in a 3BL company are guaranteed a work environment where employees find value in what they do everyday. Beyond a safe, healthy work environment, opportunities to develop one’s potential are provided through education and participation. (source: DSC website)

Since Ravi took his Process in December of 2016, he has committed to paying for and flying out every one of his employees to do the Hoffman Process, if they wish, and has dedicated this money into his budget over the next 5 years. Now THAT is one generous man who is dedicated to making a difference in the lives of those around him!

Barbara Burke asked Ravi questions about what he gained from his Process and how this affects his company.

Q: What brought you to The Hoffman Process?
Dr. Sandy McCall highly recommended to me that I should do The Hoffman Process and that it would be so useful for my own personal growth and development as a human being.

Q: What made the Hoffman Process different from all the other personal development work you have done?
This is probably "the truest personal development" work I have ever done. Hard to compare to anything because none exist.

Q: You mentioned to me during your Process that Hoffman was the missing piece. What did you mean by that?
I am working with Dr. Kaz Gozdz, an absolutely brilliant transformational psychologist, who has been working with DSC (Digital Specialty Chemicals) and its staff to transform the organization into a dual bottom line corporation by it becoming a learning and knowledge creating entity. This is a PhD program. If we had done the undergraduate program in individual human development, what we are doing with Kaz would have been much easier. The Hoffman Process offers the individual, human development. That is the missing piece to bring DSC whole as a corporation.

Q: What was the greatest thing you gained from your Process?
What I gained from the Process is that I have been on the right path but with absolutely the wrong intention. The Process showed me a deeper understanding of flow and creation, and how I can dance with it and flow with the "Right Intention."

Q: What do you mean when you say that you are committed to the dual bottom line?
Human development and financial return are co-equal. Ultimately an organization has to develop in that manner. First and foremost, its mandate should be to develop its people first. By doing that, the organization earns the right to make a financial return, which then leads to the triple bottom line of environmental sustainability.

Q: What impact has that had on your company?
Slowly but surely the organization is waking up from a deep sleep to discover its people are all brilliant stars. It is slow, hard work because we are still learning to become authentic with each other. When this becomes the norm, all DCS’ staff will shine.

Q: Why have you committed to ensuring that every employee can experience the Hoffman Process?
Governments of the world are not the answer to solve society's problems. The CEO's of corporations can change it overnight, if we choose to do so. We have so much power and influence on the people who come and dedicate their lives to the corporations they work for. We can truly develop them, empower them and ultimately emancipate them. The world will change for the better.

Q: How do you see this affecting your company?
It’s been a very hard journey for me but in which I have been having so much fun. This has had a ripple effect on the organization.

Q: If you could influence other business leaders to follow your lead what would you want to say to them?
The only asset a corporation has are its employees. Develop them as human beings not so that it will give you a better financial return, but do it because you want a better world for yourself, your family and everyone the organization touches.

A Hoffmate’s Thoughts: What if?

It’s 2017. A new year has just started. What does this mean for you as an individual? Have you thought about how this year will be different from the ones before?

Maybe you have come up with a New Year’s resolution for yourself: Did you decide to do or not do something this year? Are you going to start out strong ‘not doing the thing’ at the beginning of the year, but as time passes, your will to continue the struggle of ‘not doing the thing’ weakens, until it totally wanes and you find yourself disappointed and disgusted at your weak resolve, hoping for another chance at it the following year..?

What if, this year, you were to start by being compassionate with yourself? What if, this year, you were to do the things that are of real importance to you and that make you happy? What if, this year, you were to start living the positive vision you have for your life?

What if, this year, you did not have New Year’s resolutions, but instead, you only decided on one single thing: to discover the authentic you – and let everything else fall into place accordingly.

What does that mean? Being authentic means living in the present, with intent, and connected to the emotional, intellectual, physical and spiritual part of your being.

Authenticity is what is left over when ego and mind step out of the way to let the divine energy of the source shine through. Authentic living means living from the source, drawing from that light within us, that divine expression of our core, our divine essence, and to bring it outward into the present moment.

That is the goal. Because as soon as you connect to that divine energy within, everything else in your path changes. By connecting to and aligning yourself with the universal energy, you raise your own energy level, so that you vibrate at a higher frequency.

The Law of Attraction applies to everyone on this earth. ‘Like attracts like’: your positive (as well as your negative) vibrations, aka thoughts, intentions and actions, resonate outward attracting their equal energy. Your thoughts and intentions will bring people and experiences into your life according to what you sent out intentionally and unintentionally.

Maybe up until now, your experiences were mostly negative. Now is the time to be mindful of how you live your moments every day, for they will form your future ones. Make it a daily practice to go within you and connect to your divine source, set your intention how you want to show up each day and you won’t have to think about ‘doing the thing’ or ‘not doing the thing’ from your New Year’s resolution any longer.

Ina Dietrich

Ina Dietrich took the Process in August of 2016 after many years of feeling the need for change and her wish to being in tune with her authentic self.

Have you moved or changed addresses in the last 26 years?

Many people have and we would appreciate it if you could update your address for our files. Since Hoffman first came to Canada in 1990 we have helped thousands of people help themselves to improve and transform their lives. With this in mind we want to share with you, through Canada Post, a personalized letter to you as well as our brand new brochure. You can send us your mailing address and we will double check to see if it is up to date on our end so you can receive our new brochure.

The Hoffman Canada Team!




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