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Rebranding our Hoffman website and why the Hoffman Process really works

We have given our Hoffman Institute website a major design facelift, have implemented on-the-spot registration that will make deciding on Process dates and Maintenance Days easy, and have added videos about the Process and what it is (explained by Director Jennifer Blake), as well as the neuroscience behind the Process and why it really works, explained by JW Wilson from the Advanced Learning Institute.

Does the Hoffman Process really work? And why? How can people experience such a dramatic shift in their lives in one week?

We asked JW Wilson to do a short video explaining the science behind, how it is that by being exposed to the Hoffman Process, people experience such dramatic and profound transformations in their lives, in such a very short period of time.

For 30 years at The Advanced Learning Institute, JW Wilson and his peers have been doing neurological and genetic research into bases of learning, behavioural change and personal transformation. Their research shows that there are about 7000 genes that direct all your brain’s function. In addition, there are over 100 neuro-modulators interacting with each other in very complex ways. All this complexity comes together to direct all your thoughts, actions, feelings and behaviors.

In this video, JW takes this complex science and explains in everyday simple terms, how the Hoffman Process affects your biology so that your feelings, behaviours and actions can quickly change for the better. One important fact he points out, is that from a biological perspective, information alone will not cause transformation in your brain. That is why all the books you read, and all the seminars and courses you took, did not bring about dramatic or long-lasting change in your life. Transformation occurs through a process. Seeds transforming into flowers, coal transforming to diamonds, caterpillars transforming into butterflies -- all of these transformations in nature took place through a process. Like in these metaphors, if you want to incur transformation in your life, your neurological structures that control your life, feelings and actions, have to undergo a process of change. At Hoffman, you don’t only receive information, you enter a scientifically designed 7-day Process that meticulously transforms your biology so that you can experience dramatic change and transformation in your life. During the Hoffman Process, you create new neurological structures in your brain, replacing the existing ones that brought you negative patterns of behaviour, addiction, low self-esteem and so many negative perceptions of the world around you. Like planting a seed after uprooting and removing the weed, these new structures now give you a new, more authentic way to be, feel and interact in the world.

It is our hope that by helping people understand how the Hoffman Process is affecting their brain and biology they may be more willing to explore taking this profound adventure of transformation.

Watch the Neuroscience of Hoffman video, and peruse research articles on our dedicated page.

If you would like to learn more about what JW Wilson is doing at The Advanced Learning Institute and his research on your genetically implanted Learning Code, please visit their site by clicking this link.

The New Hoffman Team

We have a team of exceptional individuals working together, blending their skills, passion, inspiration and wisdom, to help Hoffman Process participants lead lives of authenticity, meaning and joy. All our teachers and staff members are fully committed to our worthy cause because they each have allowed themselves to experience the gift and life-changing shift the Hoffman Process has brought to their own lives.

It is our pleasure to introduce you to the skilled and gifted individuals of our Canadian Hoffman Team:

Co-owner and Director

Jennifer Blake, B.PhE, B.A. Psychology, B.Sc.(Honours) - Neuropsychology, has had an extensive array of experience in almost all facets of the Hoffman Institute Canada for over 19 years, along with her parents / founders of the Hoffman Institute Canada. She has been an internationally accredited Hoffman Supervising Teacher for over 15 years.

It is her strong belief that all change is possible, and she is dedicated to living in and carrying out the Hoffman Process mission: "Creating world peace, by creating inner peace… one person at a time." She possesses the passion to inspire others to greatness and help them realize their own true potential and inner wisdom. Watch her video


Darren and Melissa are a power couple who both attended the Hoffman Process and immediately saw their relationship strengthen. When the opportunity arose to become partners of the Hoffman Canada Institute, they fully embraced the chance to make a real difference in fellow Canadian’s lives.

Darren brings an extensive background in the seminar business as well as a best selling author and a relationship with Robert Kiyosaki, as a Rich Dad Advisor. Melissa brings years of experience at organizational process and systems with a keen eye on making the customer experience memorable from start to finish.

Our Hoffman Teaching Team

Helen Valleau believes that every person has the potential to live a life of genuine happiness and purpose. She is a minister, speaker, teacher, coach and certified Heart Math Facilitator. Helen is passionate about uncovering how our limiting beliefs hold us back from taking action and supporting people in living from their heart. Her inspiration brings new clarity and consciousness to people’s lives and businesses.

Helen is a Supervising Teacher for Hoffman Institute Canada, since 1995. Her mission is to inspire others to find the power within to deal with what life throws at them with grace, dignity, and compassion. To live from the heart and respond from unconditional love.

Barbara Burke is a Toronto-based author, multimedia artist, and educator. She has a BA and BEd from the University of Toronto and had taught for 29 years in the Toronto school system before becoming a Facilitator and Supervising Teacher for Hoffman Institute Canada.

In her lifelong pursuit of spiritual wholeness, Barbara has pursued a wide range of interests. Her current work focusses on mindfulness meditation, energy healing, and most profoundly her work with the Hoffman Institute. She is committed to helping individuals reconnect to their authentic selves and realign their lives to live from that place.

Dorothy Holden finds her work at Hoffman Institute Canada deeply satisfying and meaningful and considers it a privilege to support participants on their journey towards self-awareness.

Dorothy has a MSc in Counselling Psychology (University of Calgary), a BEd (Dalhousie University) and a BA, Psychology Major (McGill University). She has worked with the Canadian Sport Centre Calgary and Canadian Sport Institute Pacific to provide transition counselling to hundreds of Olympic and National athletes. Dorothy thrives on supporting individuals in accessing their own inner wisdom and peace, leading to lives of authenticity, meaning and joy.

Dietmar Heine is passionate about facilitating the Hoffman Process and believes that the Process teaches clients about resilience, taking self responsibility, shifting limiting patterns of behaviour and insight on how to live life fully.

Dietmar has a BA in Sociology. He is also an accomplished leadership and management consultant working with organizations to build high-performing teams and cultures. He has high integrity in both personal and business standards and a genuine professionalism that is energetic, enthusiastic and passionate.

Jamie Macrae has been teaching the Hoffman Process since 1993. He teaches it because he has personally experienced this healing at a deep personal level.

“As I look back on the life that I have created for myself, I know that I would not be where I am today without the Process tools guiding me and keeping me moving in a forward direction to the vision that I have been creating for myself. My personal mission is to be of service and make a difference in the world, through my acts of contribution and compassion.”

Our Enrollment and Logistics Team

Lori Raudnausk is a Hoffman Graduate and has dedicated her life to helping others win big for over three decades. Lori was the recipient of the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal and was chosen as Stoney Creek’s Citizen of the Year for her community service. Lori believes that if we are persistent we can create anything we envision, and she does mean everything!

Tyler Bentley is a Hoffman Graduate. He has joined our team as a supporter for our Graduate Programs and Graduate Connection initiatives. Tyler is dedicated to helping others find their way to the Hoffman Process. He is motivated by others’ healing stories and wants to support people in fulfilling their lives as best they can.

Irma Connell is a Hoffman Graduate and takes extra care in all of the logistical aspects of each Process and makes everything that we teach at the Process a reality. Irma has been with our team for several years and we are grateful every day for her attention to detail, professionalism and heart she pours into managing the behind the scenes Process logistics.

On our common path to helping and inspiring all members of our Hoffman Graduate Family, it is our shared intention to:

  • Support you in supporting your Process
  • Love you to continue to love yourselves
  • Share with you so that you may share with others
  • Engage you to engage in life
  • Inspire you to inspire yourself and others

We are blessed with our Hoffman Team and blessed with all of you – our Hoffman Graduate Family.
Be that shift you wish to see in the World!

Love and Light,
The Canadian Hoffman Team

Message from the New Director -- Jennifer Blake

Dear Hoffman Graduate,

It is with such honour and privilege that I write this to you! I am so deeply grateful to be given the opportunity to “carry on the torch” and my parent’s legacy here in Canada.

As many of you know, I took the Hoffman Process nineteen years ago in May and it completely changed my life. -- I completely changed my life. I can honestly say that it was and still is the “best thing I have ever done for myself!” There is not a day that goes by that I do not use one of my Hoffman Tools. I know that I would not be where I am today and with the people that I am graced with in my life, including my wonderful husband, loving family and my 3 beautiful sons, if it weren’t for taking the Hoffman Process.

Over the past fifteen years, I have had the privilege of teaching The Hoffman Process to so many of you - I am always in awe of the shifts and transformations that all of you dedicate yourselves to in a mere one week!

Through my journey with my Father and Step-Mother, I have had the gift of learning from them, laughing with them, and loving our moments of family connection and celebration together! I could not be more proud to carry on their legacy of spreading love, Light and fulfillment across Canada and out into the world.

Mum and Dad, I am honoured to have this opportunity… may I make you proud – may we all, as the Hoffman Canada Team continues to support the work that you brought to Canada so many years ago and have given so much to with your open hearts! I wish you all the best as you “Journey Down your River of Life.”

And to all of you beautiful Hoffman Graduates, I look forward to “Continuing this Journey with You!”
Much Love and Light,

Building a Lighthouse – Interview with Kristoph and Mariette

Home to the Hoffman Process and “home-away-from-home” for all its participants, the Sanctum Retreat is a place of light, self-discovery as well as transformation. Nestled in 100 acres of rolling foothills near Caroline, Alberta, the retreat grounds are a blend of groomed trails and mature forest, inviting exploration and quiet communion with nature and one’s own spirituality.

Mariette and Kristoph Franz Dobrowolski founded the Sanctum Retreat in 2004 in Caroline, Alberta, and it has since become an integral part of the Hoffman Process. Mariette and Kristoph are trained Lay Catholic Theologians, Teachers, Franciscans, and Musicians, who took the Hoffman Process 10 years ago. Their work, however, does not solely focus on the Hoffman Process. Sanctum welcomes many visitors and provides spiritual and physical care for a wide spectrum of events: women’s or men’s retreats, church/clergy retreats, veteran’s retreats, meditation retreats, as well as education and business conferences or seminars.

The retreat is now raising money through their charity, Sanctum Foundation, to build a new lodge called the “Lighthouse.”

We asked Kristoph and Mariette about their thoughts on the expansion:

Q: Why are you calling this lodge the “Lighthouse ?”
The Light is a powerful spiritual metaphor used by the Hoffman Process.

Q: What will this building house? How many residents can stay there?
This new lodge expands Sanctum's capacity from 32 to 50 residents. There will also be a very large light-filled workroom for the Hoffman Process.

Q: What will this expansion mean for you and your staff?
We will have a greater capacity to house and serve more people and events once the new building is in place.

Q: Will you rely 100% on donations to build the “Lighthouse?”
Yes, this lodge will be built of the out-pouring of Love and Light.

Q: How much money do you need to raise to make this dream a reality, and what is your timeframe?
We need to raise 1.5 million dollars to make this happen. Our hope is to raise the funds as soon as possible so we can start the project. We have all approvals in place, and we are ready to break ground anytime.

Q: Do you have a message for the people considering to donate?
Come and be a part of changing the world one heart at a time. Please help our charity expand and continue to serve more and more people. All donations can be made online and are tax deductible.

See what the “Lighthouse” will look like on YouTube and please donate to this worthy cause via Sanctum’s donation page.

Upcoming Process Dates - 2017

Check your calendar to see if you can come to one of our Upcoming Processes

  • Jan 14 - 20
  • Feb 11 - 17
  • Mar 11 - 17
  • April 8 - 14
  • May 6 - 12
  • June 17 - 22

Living On the Right Road in 2017

We are currently in the process of setting up Maintenance Days for Graduates in six cities near you.

Please join our Hoffman Teachers for a day of renewal in setting your intention in how you choose to live this new year. We will be exploring tools and practices to support you in living an authentic life with your Spiritual Self leading the way. Register before Jan 31, 2017 and save.

Regular Price $149.00
Early Bird Special Only $129.00

Early Bird Special Price available until January 31, 2017

Calgary - February 18th 2017

Location: Delta Calgary South
Teacher: Barbara Burke

Toronto - February 18th 2017

Location: Location TBD
Teacher: Jamie MacRae

Edmonton - February 19th 2017

Location: Fantasy Land Hotel
Teacher: Barbara Burke

Vancouver - February 25th 2017

Location: Location TBD
Teacher: Dorothy Holden

Ottawa - April 7th 2017

Location: Manderey On the Green Golf Course in Manotick
Teacher: Jennifer Blake

Victoria - April 22nd 2017

Location: Location TBD
Teacher: Dorothy Holden

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