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Q2: My Right Road

In Q2: My Right Road, our teachers meet you where you are today. The Q2 is all about your current life, looking at and transforming the challenges that hold you back from what you want now.

We’ll look at what’s in the way of being fully alive and living your vision. During Q2 it is an opportunity to explore and resolve dark side messages, and to understand and embrace the power of loving awareness. It comes down to the difference between “Awareness Hell” (‘there’s something wrong with me and I need to fix it’) and “Mindful Awareness” (‘I have patterns; I’m human; I’m empowered; these patterns don’t run my life!’)

When we make a choice to use our tools, be mindful, and – importantly – love ourselves, transformation happens.

Hoffman Process Venue

1. It has been many years since I did my Process. How would it benefit me?

If you recall from your Process, we mention that the Process really begins after you leave the Process and move into your life. The Process was seven days in length and was filled with information, concepts, tools and practices for you to move into your life and live authentically. Graduates who attend the Q2, are happy to reconnect and gain a greater depth of understanding about the tools, practices and concepts and applying them to where their life is now.

The three-day Q2 will also take you more fully into creating and living the vision you have for your life.

2. How is Q2 different from the Process?

The Q2 weekend not only reinforces the growth of your Process, it’s three days filled new experiences and concepts, using the cycle of transformation. You will deepen your connection to your Spiritual Self and confront your dark side with new awareness to really live more fully. The resistance that was with you in your Process is not an issue and you will jump right in on the challenges that you wish to address during the Q2. It goes beyond mom and dad and focuses on you.

Hoffman Process Venue

3. If other friends or family have done the Process, can we do the Q2 together or do I need to do it on my own?

Friends, family members and spouses can all take the Q2 together, as long as they are a graduate of the Hoffman Process.

4. Why do a Q2?

As we move through life, it will continue to present new situations and challenges to deal with. There are many reason people come back to do the Q2. Some of them include:

  1. Entered into marriage or a new relationship.
  2. Going through a divorce or getting divorced.
  3. The birth of children.
  4. Illness.
  5. Starting a new job.
  6. Plateaued in life and are looking to gain a sense of a new direction to move forward with.
  7. Aging and or having a mid-life crisis.
  8. Recent death.
  9. Not taking the opportunity to address something in the Process and want to finally deal with it.
  10. Persistent negative patterns that are getting in the way of living their best lives.
  11. Self-care for themselves.
Hoffman Process Venue
What You Can Expect
  • Led by highly skilled Hoffman teachers
  • Interactive connections with teachers and other grads
  • Multiple sessions for three days
  • Independent assignments
  • A deep dive into Hoffman tools and practices
  • Gain new insights and practical ways to heal
  • Empower your whole self
  • Post-Q2 group call

Held in person at Sanctum in Caroline, Alberta.

Sept: 2nd, 3rd, and 4th.

Meals, accommodations, and supplies are included in the tuition below.

Deposit $500 cdn and balance will be processed three weeks before.

Secure your spot with a deposit here.

Pay the full price $1,995 cdn + tax: pay here.


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